10 Tips to Reach Your Dreams in 2014

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How to Reach Your Dreams

Every year millions of us pull our collective hair out by making New Year’s Resolutions we don’t keep, as is evidenced by all the near-empty gyms in March. Rather than make goals, why not develop a good habit to help you reach your dreams? Any one of these can change your life.

reach your dreams1. Accept yourself for who you are, warts and all.  Yes, I know I ended my Christmas blog with this thought, but it’s important enough to start with it again. Those little things you want to improve about yourself tend to right themselves effortlessly. Self-hate keeps you stuck.  Self-acceptance heals.

2. Distance yourself from drama queens, narcissists, and others who drain you. Your life energy is a precious commodity.  Learn how to enhance and protect it. 

reach your dreams3. Make a gratitude list every morning before you start your day and focus on what’s working.  Acknowledge your victories, and learn from your “failures.” See them as valuable lessons, not as punishment for having done something “wrong.” Tell people in your life why you’re thankful for them as often as you can.

4. Do something kind for others—friends, family, pets, strangers—on a regular basis.  Smile at the cashier, give your children an extra hug, or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Research shows that helping others releases endorphins, and is followed by a greater sense of well-being and self-worth.

reach your dreams5. Take one small step towards your true passion, then another, and another.  You don’t have to jump off a cliff.  Let the path unfold before you, and grab opportunities as they present themselves, even if they scare you; especially if they scare you. You can only develop your true talents and skills when you go into the unknown. Small steps can lead to big breaks.

6. Choose to be authentic as often as possible.  When you’re true to yourself, you draw like-minded people to you and repel energy vampires. You also excel at work using your natural abilities. Your passion keeps you going when others quit, and you effortlessly create a unique voice/brand that sets you apart from the rest.

reach your dreams7. Trust your intuition and act on it every chance you get.  This is the source of creative ideas in art, science, business, and life.  Einstein thought so; Steve Jobs, too.

8. Let go of the past—grudges and glory days. Focus on living in the moment. Appreciate the small things. Set goals that suit who you really are, and then let them go, too, in case the universe has better “plans” for  your future.

reach your dreams9. Control your negative thoughts. Yes, you can do this, and the payoff is immense. Meditate, repeat a mantram, pray, take a walk, say positive affirmations, stand on your head; do whatever works for you. Research shows that when you interrupt negative thoughts, the neural circuits behind them weaken and eventually disappear. That means no more negative thoughts!

10. Empty your closetsand your heartof whatever no longer serves you. Make room for the new.  Trust that the vacuum you’ve created will be filled with wonderful people and promising opportunities that will make your heart sing.reach your dreams

Thank you for reading my blog! These tips have helped thousands of my creativity workshop participants make positive life changes over the past 17 yearsthey should work for you, too. Please feel free to add to this list if you’d like. You always inspire me with your comments.

I hope you reach your dreams in 2014!


  1. I love it Michelle! Great advice and I love the colors and formats too ( I somehow always notice those things!)
    XO Chris

    • Thanks Chris. I put a lot of thought into the pictures and format, so I appreciate that you noticed! Happy New Year!

  2. So much wisdom, good advice and awareness in a succinct yet artistic package., Michelle! Well done ! I printed it to read for daily edification. Thank you! Happy New You (and year ) 😉 Kenny

    • You’re welcome Kenny. My pleasure. Thank you, too. Happy New You as well! (I like that.)

  3. Love your blog. Such great tips on how to cultivate a balanced, calm, peaceful, listening Inner experience from which our outer experience naturally flows. I’m so grateful our paths have crossed again. Happy New Year, Michelle. May it be rich with health, love, laughter, and dreams fulfilled.

    • Thank you Linda. I’m so grateful for you as well! Happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful woman with a lovely soul!

    • Thanks so much Kay. It takes one to know one.

  5. So timely and perfect! “Energy Vampires”…love that term – I was using another term but like this one better. Thank you Michelle – great jewels in this! -Vic

    • Thanks Vic! And you’re welcome. Wish I could take credit for “Energy Vampires,” but I got that phrase from Judith Orloff’s wonderful book “Positive Energy.”

    • Funny…I think I have been mired in negativity for too long. This reformed cynic enjoys the advice given by Michelle…and i’m off to launch my writing career…

      • Congratulations!

  6. Great ideas to start the new year, Michelle. And the last one about clearing out old “stuff” really speaks to me.

    • Thank you Diane. That one really speaks to me, too! And #1 and #7–my big themes for this year.

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