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Positive MusicWhen Michelle was a professor, her students used to line up outside her office to ask for her advice. She always told them to follow their hearts. One afternoon as she watched yet another relieved face disappear out her office door, she realized she wasn’t following her own heart.

What did she really want to do when she grew up? Sing in a rock band! She’d only written a handful of songs, but she knew that if she didn’t take the risk then, she never would. Her songs have been on the charts and, more importantly, inspired thousands of people to follow their hearts, too.

Her positive music can help you move through challenging situations, let go of the past, discover your unique talents, create new opportunities, and live your dream.


Airplay and Awards

Michelle’s had top 10 and 20 radio singles in South Africa and the UK; a #1 hit on US college radio; seven songs featured on ABC, HBO, Encore, and Showtime; and won 17 International Songwriting Billboard awards. She’s twice been a finalist for “Best International Artist” (The MusicOz Awards) in Australia.

In local Northern California, her music has aired on ALICE, KPIG, KZSC, KSCU, KAZU, and the TV show Voice of the Valley.

Online presence includes Women of Substance Radio (Featured Artist), Hay House Radio, Spotify, Radio 365, Yahoo Music, Positive Music Radio, One Vibration Radio, Change.Org, WomenUnite, The New Musical Express (UK), and MusicOz Awards (AUS).

Michelle has released 8 CDs in pop/folk/country, as well as a meditation CD. Just under 5 feet tall, the petite singer has a strong and dynamic voice and compelling message for our times. Her songs are catchy and inspirational.

CDs/songs are available on CD Baby and iTunes.


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Noteworthy Achievements

The message that we should be who we really are permeates Michelle Chappel’s music. She instructs us not to mold ourselves to fit the expectations of our parents, teachers, bosses, or anyone else, but instead to realize our authentic selves. This message follows and amplifies the greatest psychologists and counselors of the 20th century—people like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Viktor Frankl.
David Felman, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology