Superpower Talks and Workshops


Michelle delivers corporate talks worldwide on building superhero teams and igniting innovation through The Synergy Effect™. She also speaks at women’s groups, universities, schools, and retirement communities to help individuals boost creativity, find their true callings, and use their superpowers to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Michelle sings her award-winning songs to inspire and energize the audience.

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All talks are available as a keynote (45-75 minutes), half-day or full-day workshop.


Accelerate Your Career by Finding Your Superpower

Women often feel like they need to be superheroes just to keep up with their jobs, families, friends, and side interests. But real superwomen don’t try to be everything to everyone. Success comes from focusing on what has meaning and heart, boosting inherent skills, and being open to new opportunities. This talk shows us how to discover our greatest gifts and use these superpowers to get ahead in work and life.  

Customized for large companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, universities, and schools. Also available as an 8-week workshop.


10 Top Skills of Superhero Teams

What does it take to be your creative best self? What could your organization accomplish with fully-engaged creative employees? In this highly inspiring talk, Michelle shares her path to world-renowned creative mastery in business and music to help your organization boost innovation and succeed in this quickly-changing global market by building innovative teams based on techniques for producing great music.

Customized for large companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, sports teams, churches, schools, and other groups. Includes interactive improv exercises.


Igniting Innovation Through The Synergy Effect

Studying calligraphy gave Steve Jobs an aesthetic sense that still distinguishes Apple products. Arthur Fry conceived of Post-it notes while singing in a choir. This talk shows your company how to harness The Synergy Effect™ by encouraging employees to bring their whole selves to work. Your workforce will learn how to combine insights across job-related goals and outside interests to generate breakthrough products and services.

Customized for large organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Includes hands-on exercises and brainstorming.