Be Someone’s Superhero

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Today is CAPE DAY, the 5th year celebrating patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It began when a nurse made a cape out of a pillowcase for 3-year Dwyane Pitts who was fighting for his life. “DJ” not only survived but started a community campaign that has helped thousands of children like him. #CapeDayATL


Real-life superheroes are children dealing with serious illnesses and injuries. Recently, I sang at the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford to inspire children to find hope in their battle against cancer and other life-threatening diseases. I wore a Supergirl costume with an M emblazoned on my chest to symbolize music as my superpower.

An 8-year old boy stood beside me, eyed my lyric sheet and began to sing my words along with me. This brave boy had just received a heart transplant that he’d waited three years for. I could tell that singing really lifted Jacob’s spirits and it buoyed me up to see him shine. Other children soon joined in.



Afterward, Jacob pulled up his shirt to show me the fresh, long scar from the surgery he’d undergone only two weeks before. I’ve never met such a courageous, wise-beyond-his-years person. His willingness to share his vulnerability with me lifted MY spirits up. I went to the Ronald McDonald House with the intention to help those children, but it turns out that we helped each other.

To celebrate Cape Day, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta encourages us to sponsor capes for their patients or “buy coffee for the person behind you in line, give flowers to a friend, write a note for an acquaintance that made your week or rake leaves for a neighbor.”

The smallest act of kindness or tiniest gesture of connection can make a big difference. How can you be a superhero in someone’s life today?

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